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August 2018


This project is something I worked hard to bring to the City of Doraville over the past few months, and feel this is an important step in bringing our community together. I was invited by the Mayor to be the liaison from our city during the development of this One Region plan that we as a city adopted by resolution on 8-20-2018. I was part of the steering committee that created this regional plan and fully embrace the ideas this plan promotes. Our goal as a city is to start out at the Bronze Level of the plan, and over the next few years adopt more of the policies and practices to later become a Gold Level Welcoming City!

What drove this was: a growing number of cities have recognized that being welcoming leads to prosperity. Welcoming America provides the roadmap and support we need as a city to become more inclusive toward immigrants and all residents. Launched in 2009, Welcoming America has spurred a growing movement across the United States. We all have seen how migration and rapid demographic shifts can spark tension and create new challenges, both for newcomers and long-time residents. Our goal is show it is possible to go beyond fear, and even tolerance, to become the city we all want Doraville to become.

One thing I want to be very clear about, this is NOT becoming a sanctuary city, nor does this have any effect on how our local police interact with the federal government. Those are separate issues.This is about how our city interacts with our residents and ensuring everyone feels welcome here. This new partnership will help us create policy, reinforce welcoming principles, and embrace the socioeconomic benefits of inclusion. Many other cities in our region are, or will be adopting this, and it's also great press for Doraville to be one of the founding members of this movement! I am proud of my city, that we were able to do this, and look forward to working towards making Doraville a Gold Level Welcoming City soon!


One Region Plan for Metro Atlanta


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