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This section of my website is devoted to going into more detail on the thought process behind how I vote on important issues. I understand that everyone is not going to agree with how I vote on every issue. But I do want people to know I put a lot of thought and research behind every issue that comes before us. My goal is to represent every citizen that lives in Doraville, not just the vocal few who email us before every meeting.

I'm more than willing to sit down and talk with anyone about the issues facing our city. This page is an attempt at transparency but it's just a starting point. Emails and online forums are not the place, in my opinion, to discuss complex issues. I feel face to face, or at the very least talking on the phone, to be much more productive.

I also feel it is our job as council members to bring issues forward that we see need to be addressed, and not just wait for items to be brought to us. We have our finger on the pulse of the community and understand better what the citizens needs are. I plan to introduce legislation on a regular basis to move the process along.

To see the pages about my position on various issues that have come before us, use the drop down menu on the "MY VOTES" tab above or the links below.

Stephe Koontz for City Council Doraville




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