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I've lived in the Atlanta area almost all of my life and moved to the Doraville area in 1985. This city is my home and I love living here. I enjoy the "country living" feel my neighborhood has, while still being close to Atlanta. The diverse population is another component that makes this city so appealing and unique. It's important to me that we preserve this character as we move forward with redevelopment.




Stephe Koontz for City Council Doraville
Professional info​

I've worked in a variety of positions in my professional career and this has given me a broad view of what it takes for a business to be successful. I've owned and managed multiple small businesses, which provides me a unique insight into the problems they face dealing with a local government.  I worked as a church administrator and am presently on the Board of Directors at the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta, where we manage an over 14 million dollar budget, so I understand the budgeting process and finding cost savings in a way that still provides needed services. I've also done a lot of work over the years in IT related fields, so I have a very strong understanding of this technology and how it now ties into everything we do. I believe this varied experience is one of my strongest assets.

Personal Info

I'm very much a dog person and I have always had a couple of them living with me. I'm a member of Oakhurst Presbyterian Church, serving on their administrative committee, and also am the chair of the Technology Committee at the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta. My hobbies include photography, riding my motorcycle when I have time, as well as fixing up old cars. Another passion of mine is electronics and working with microprocessors. I retired from work a few years ago, and I feel privileged to have the free time to do the things I love. My being retired also allows me to devote the time and energy this position deserves. 

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